Here at Thrushwood Farms, we’re community oriented. We understand the importance of raising money to support—and enrich—our local organizations, from school to scouts to sports. We’ve worked diligently to develop an easy-to-use fundraising program where everyone benefits.

    Snack Stick Fundraising

    Thrushwood Farms has worked diligently to develop an easy to use fundraising program. Your organization's fundraising will be a huge success with Thrushwood Snack Sticks!

    Who uses snack sticks as a fundraiser?

    FFA’s, 4-H Clubs, Dance Studios, Club/Class Trips, Church Organizations, Youth Groups, Gymnastic/Tumbling Teams, Sports Teams such as Basketball, Football, Tennis or Golf.

    How do you get started?

    To start your fundraising order, visit our fundraising website at or call 309.343.5193 ext. 104.